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R7 Ear Powder
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    Miracle Care™ R-7 Ear Powder keeps your pet's ears dry while reducing ear odor and waxy buildup. It should be used before ear cleaning to help you remove excess hair that can trap moisture, bacteria and odor in the ear canal. Contains Rosin Grip to improve grip on forceps and tweezers, reducing the chance of slipping as you remove excess ear hair. Made in USA.

    Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Beef Liver Treats Pro-Treat Freeze-Dried Treats, Pro-Treats, beef liver treats for dogs, training treats for dogs, dog training treats, freeze dried training treat, dog treats, dog beef liver treats, treats for dogs
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      Pro-Treat® Freeze-Dried Treats are the treats your dogs know they deserve! These all-natural treats are high in protein and full of the great-tasting, beef liver flavor that dogs love. Freeze-dried with no preservatives or additives, they're just the right size for a perfect pocket treat. These nutritional treats are conveniently diced into reward-sized pieces, making them an excellent obedience and training tool. Packed in tamper-proof, re-sealable containers to guarantee freshness. Up...

      Kwik Stop
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        Kwik Stop® helps control bleeding from clipping nails, docking tails, clipping wings, and other minor superficial cuts. Contains Benzocaine for added relief and comfort. This product is available in a powder and a gel and is safe for dogs, cats and birds. Made in USA.


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