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Bulb Syringe
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Item #: 22740-V -

    Made of soft pliable vinyl, the Bulb Syringe makes fluid administration and retrieval easy. The smooth tapered tip reduces trauma while the ribbed bulb provides non-slip grip. Individually packaged.

    Gauze Sponges
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    Item #: 22835-360 -

      These quality wound care Gauze Sponges are made of 100% cotton which is highly absorbent and maximizes vertical wicking ability. Easy-to-handle, 12-ply sponge ensures low contamination for faster healing. Can be used in a variety of applications including wound dressing, general cleaning, minor prepping, wound packing and debriding. Measure 3"x 3" square. Non-sterile.

      Suture Needle Combo- Nylon Sutures 3/0 12ct
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      Item #: 22877-205-446 -

        Nylon, Non-absorbable Suture Needle Combo 3-0, NFS-1 allows for smooth passage through tissue minimizing stitching trauma. The strong tensile strength exceeds the USP requirement. Nylon Non-absorbable Suture features excellent knot security. It's comparable to Ethilon®. Black thread color enhances visibility. Packaged 12 per box.

        Stainless steel stapler with staples.
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        Item #: 22810-V -

          The disposable sterilized Skin Stapler is ready for use when needed. Its quality construction provides reliable and consistent performance for reduced surgery time and less trauma to the pet. The comfortable handle fits most hand sizes and the angled head lets you see the incision to give you precise staple placement. It features a unique shuttling action which reduces track friction, the primary cause of jamming and a short trigger stroke allowing for easy operation and non-stop feeding of...

          Amber Bottles Amber plastic bottles with graduated markings for liquid medications, oval shape, light resistant pharmaceutical bottle, child-resistant cap, dropper cap, ounce and ml markings, health supplies, liquid container
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          Item #: 22742-V -

            Amber Plastic Oval Bottles with graduated markings work great for storing liquid medications. These bottles are light resistant to protect liquid medications from contamination, and feature ounces on one side and milliliters on the other for easing dosing. The 1 oz (3 ml) bottle includes a convenient dropper cap with transparent shaft. The 12 oz (30 ml) bottle has a child-resistant cap, requiring the user to push down and rotate the cap to open the container.

            Suture Needle Combo- Braided Absorbable
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            Item #: 22875-V -

              Made with synthetic absorbable monofilament, PGA Violet Braided Polyglycolic Absorbable Suture Needle Combos are precision braided for pliability, strength and knot security. It retains 60-70% of its tensile strength after 14 days for quality healing. Calcium stearate coating ensures smooth tissue passage with minimal trauma to tissue. PGA Violet Braided Polyglycolic Absorbable Suture absorbs between 60-90 days after placement. Violet colored. Available in 3-0 with NFS-1 needle and 4-0 with...

              Liquivet Rapid
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              Item #: 27120-435 -

                Liquivet Rapid Tissue Adhesive forms a thin, waterproof adhesion to bond tissue in a variety of veterinary procedures. This fast-acting cyanoacrylate based tissue adhesive polymerizes in two seconds and works well for quick repair of minor lacerations, abrasions and other minor wounds. Indicated for closure of skin in cat de-claw surgery to seal capillary beds and exposed nerve endings. Liquivet Rapid will slough off naturally after the incision heals. Includes five applicators.

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