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Zodiac Groomers Pack Spot On Treatment
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    Zodiac® Spot On® Groomers' Pack kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes on dogs for one month. Formulated with Permethrin and (S) – Methoprene, an Insect Growth Regulator used to attack eggs and larvae breaking the flea and tick life cycle for 30 days. Zodiac® Spot On® Groomers' Pack is great for multiple dog businesses, such as kennels, shelters or groomers. The package contains 48 applicators, 1 cc each. For dogs and puppies six months and older. Do not use dog...

    Zodiac FleaTrol Fogger
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      Zodiac® FleaTrol™ Fogger treats flea infestations in the home and keeps control for up to seven months. This dual-action fogger provides the quickest, easiest way to treat the pests in indoor environments. Contains Permethrin which kills adult fleas and ticks on contact and (S)-Methoprene, an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), which stops the flea and tick life cycle by attacking the eggs and larvae. Zodiac® FleaTrol™ Fogger also protects your home against cockroaches, ants,...


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