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Time Mist Dispenser-w 1 Regular Bug Killer
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    The Country Vet® Automatic Flying Insect Control Kit is a fully automatic air freshener that helps keep flies, gnats, mosquitoes and moths under control. Releases a metered dose of Pyrethrin insecticide every 15 minutes for 30 days. The metered fly spray kills and repels flying insects 24 hours a day. The easy-to-mount and easy-to-install dispenser is ideal for farms, dairies, kennels and more. Each dispenser covers up to 650 square feet. Kit includes dispenser and 1 flying insect spray....

    Time Mist Mosquito & Fly Spray
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      With Country Vet® Mosquito & Fly Spray, killing those flying pests has never been so easy! Simply place these sprays into the Country Vet Dispenser, and you'll have 30 days of flying insect protection. Maximum Strength Mosquito & Fly Spray kills and repels house flies, mosquitoes, gnats and small flying moths. Regular Strength Fly Spray kills and repels flies, gnats and small flying moths. Made in USA.


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