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Witness Relaxin Test Kit
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By measuring the amount of relaxin in the blood, the WITNESS® Relaxin Test Kit is able to distinguish between pseudo pregnancy and gestation in dogs and cats. This test gives a reliable assessment of pregnancy status. The test detects relaxin produced by the developing placenta(s) as early as day 20 after the luteinizing hormone surge. Relaxin is secreted primarily by the placenta, and it is the only hormone specifically associated with canine and feline pregnancy. The presence of...

Assure FeLv Leukemia Virus Antigen Test Kit
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The Assure® FeLV Leukemia Virus Antigen Test Kit uses highly specific antibodies to detect the FeLV antigen for quick and accurate results. This easy-to-use kit allows you to test with saliva samples, which is a great option for kittens or cats that are difficult to sample. Can also use anticoagulated whole blood, serum, and plasma samples. Results can be determined in as little as 10 minutes for blood samples. Saliva samples can take between 15-20 minutes. Not affected by a FeLV...

Fungassay Ringworm Test Kit
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The Fungassay® Dermatophyte Test Kit makes it easy to diagnose fungus infections on the skin, including ringworm. Simply place the infected hair or scales on the test medium, and the color will change as early as 48 hours after inoculation to indicate diagnosis. If dermatophyte infection is present, the medium color will change from amber to red. This is a simple, rapid and practical method for confirming diagnosis of dermatophyte infections. It provides accurate and easy-to-interpret...

WITNESS LH Test Kit Witness LH Test Kit, identify ovulation in dogs, identify ovulation in cats, identify ovulation in bitches, identify ovulation in queens, determine ovulation in dogs, determine ovulation in cats, determine ovulation in queens, determine ovulation in bitches
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Unsuccessful breedings often result from improper ovulating timing. The true fertile period is short (48-72 hours), and it is difficult to identify without the use of hormonal tests. The WITNESS® LH Test has a proven variety of uses in multiple species. Use it to determine ovulation, improve procedure scheduling, increase conception rates, predict whelping dates and assess ovarian status. The WITNESS┬« LH test provides an accurate, semi-quantitative measurement of canine and feline...

Witness FeLV-FIV Test Kit Witness FeLV-FIV test kit to detect feline leukemia virus antigen and feline immunodeficiency virus, veterinary diagnostic tool, cats, kittens
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Witness® FeLV-FIV Test Kit allows combined detection of Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) antigen and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) antibodies in feline whole blood, serum or plasma. The Witness® FeLV-FIV is a simple test based on Rapid Immuno Migration (RIM™) technology. The detection of FIV is based on the presence of antibodies against the transmembrane region of the virus, using a synthetic peptide from the gp40 protein. In both cases, sensitized colloidal gold particles...


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