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Lightning Air LA-2SP-Repl Plates, 2pk
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    Replacement Plates for Lightning Air LA-2SPX or other Spring Air purifiers that use one, two or four removable plates. Easy to maintain. Simply clean with soap and water. Two plates per package.

    Lightning Air LA-2SP Hepa Filter
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      Use the optional Replacement Hepa Filter for the LA-2SPX Lightning Air Purifier to keep the inside of the unit clean and operating smoothly. It is highly recommended to use the Hepa Filter and change it often if the LA-2SPX Lightning Air Purifier is used in a heavily polluted environment such as smoking rooms.

      Lightning Air LA-2SPX
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        The Lightning Air LA-2SPX combination air purifier and sanitizer effectively removes odors in your home without the use of fragrances. The Lightning Air Purifier re-creates the same process that nature uses to keep the air fresh and clean. The ionic purifier generates negative ions to keep dust and particle levels down while the O3 sanitizer puts activated oxygen into the air, breaking down odors at their source. Removes odors such as mold, mildew, pollen, pets, cooking, tobacco, paint fumes,...


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