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    Dyne® is a high calorie dietary supplement used to provide calories to animals when extra energy or weight gain is desired. It has a very pleasant vanilla flavor to encourage even the pickiest of eaters to consume all of the liquid and their food. Dyne® is used to help pets recovering from illness, to give a nutritional boost to pregnant and lactating animals, and provide extra energy to working and sporting animals. Formulated to contain the maximum nutritional value in a small...

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      Calsorb® is a fast absorbing calcium in a gel base for dogs showing signs of extreme calcium deficiency. Comes in a clear syringe for quick and accurate dosing. Ideal to use during whelping or with fast-growing puppies.

      Vetadryl Vetadryl for dogs and cats, allergy medication for dogs and cats, antihistamine for dogs and cats, medication for motion sickness in pets, medication for motion sickness in dogs and cats, medication for insect bites in pets, medication for insect bites in dogs and cats, vaccine reaction in pets
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        Vetadryl® is formulated exclusively for veterinarian use and is primarily used for its antihistamine effects. Helps manage allergies, insect bites, motion sickness, travel anxiety, and atopic dermatitis. The chicken liver flavored tablets are seven times more palatable than over-the-counter DPH capsules and can be fed as a treat. Each tablet is scored for easy dosing. Not for use in pregnant or nursing animals.


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