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PolyBraided Lead with Ring
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    KVP Poly Braided Leads are great for all-general leash purposes. The non-abrasive texture is comfortable for pets, and the lead is colorfast, abrasion resistant, and won't absorb liquids. The bar-tracked loops and nickel-plated ring add strength and reduce friction. Made of braided polyethylene, the same material used in water-skiing ropes. Approximately 5' long, one size fits all animals.

    Cat Flea Comb
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      Get fleas and their eggs off your cat with the Cat Flea Comb. The wide, plastic-back handle supports 32 surgical stainless teeth per inch. Handle measures 2.75"W x 1.5"H. Teeth are ⅜" long.

      EJay Bite Free Collar 21-24 neck
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        The Bite Free® Collar protects post-procedure wounds without letting your dog lose peripheral vision. This collar gently prevents a patient's head and muzzle from reaching any area behind the patient's neck. Designed for comfort and long-term use, so your dog can easily eat, drink and sleep during the whole recovery process. It's also adjustable, enabling a correct and comfortable fit. For active patients, there are removable stabilization straps that allow plenty of movement while still...

        KVP ID Bands KVP ID Bands, ID Bands, animal identification bands, pet identification bands, puppy ID bands, ID collar, animal ID bands, animal ID collars, pet ID collars, pet identification collars
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          KVP ID Bands are soft and comfortable bands that are great for short or long-term identification. Made of strong, spun-bonded olefin, these non-toxic and pet-friendly bands stay put when you need them to. The strong, pressure-sensitive adhesive becomes more permanent with increased pressure. Comes with a permanent marker to write on either side of the band. These easy-to-use bands fit most animals and can be attached together for larger animals. 500 count packages.

          KONG Glide n Seek Interactive Cat Toy KONG Glide n Seek, Glide n Seek cat toy, interactive cat toys, cat toys, fun cat toys, kong interactive cat toy, kong cat toy, toys for cats, interactive toys for cats
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            Cats will love the thrill of the chase with the new KONG® Glide 'n Seek toy. Magnetic levitation technology brings the feather toy to life - bouncing, jumping and spinning unpredictably. Peek-a-boo holes keep cats guessing as they hunt and chase, fulfilling natural hunting instincts. Includes two AA batteries and two feather toys.

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