GROOMERS EDGE Power Clipper 401

Groomer's Edge Power Clipper 401 (14350)


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Best Clipper I have ever used
Sharron H
I have had my Groomers Edge Power Clipper for over 5 years. I have never had to have it serviced. I must say it is the best clipper I have ever used.

Before buying this clipper, I went through several of the top brand clippers that now lie in my dead clipper box. When u add them together, I spent more buying these popular brands than I spent on the power clipper.

It did take me a short while to get used to using a clipper with a cable but all the benefits out-weighed my clumsiness at first. I love the fact that I can zip through a cocker spaniel coat and a matted Persian cat with ease and speed. The clipper itself never gets hot, whereas the other popular, motor in the clipper models, would get too hot to hold and I would have to wait for them to cool down or switch to another clipper.

Even though this clipper cost more than any other I evaluated, I believe it is the most economical and well built clipper I have ever used. I still have my original and it still works as well as the day I bought it. I highly recommend the Clippers Edge Power Clipper.
Reviews 1-1 of 1