VetNeb Express 3055 Compressor

VetNeb SportNeb 2 Compressor (22778)


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Must Have
Julie Fontana
This little machine is a LIFE SAVER, literally. It is dependable and easy to use. I have been doing cat rescue for many years and this nebulizer has been the saving factor for many of them with upper respitory, pneumonia and rhino trachitis issues. If cats can't smell, they won't eat so you will have a compound problem when they get stuffed up. I would highly recommend this machine for anyone who owns 1 or more kitties. It is the best buy for your money. To nebulize your kitty, just put them in their carrier, cover the whole thing with a large towel, including the door. Set the machine on a chair or table near enough for the tubing to reach the carrier. I set the carrier on my kitchen table and the machine on the chair. I remove the breathing device used for humans and cover that end of the tube with surgical tape. After you have put the medicine in the little cup and connected the tubing to the machine and the bottom of the cup, put the end of the breathing tube through one of the holes in the door to the carrier and recover with the towel so the vapors don't escape. When all the medication is gone and it stops "whistling", shut the machine off and let kitty out.
Reviews 1-1 of 1