Luxurious grooming shampoo for routine cleansing &

PearLyt Shampoo (26229-Z)

PearLyt Shampoo

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WONDERFUL Shampoo! You will not be disappointed!
I first used this shampoo about 4 years ago and feel in love with it! Much to my dismay, I was unable to locate it for a while until one day I was so excited found it right here on Revival. It does an absolutely wonderful job on all my dogs, especially my Shih-Tzu who is about three-quarters white. Cleans great, and creates the most lustrous sheen that is silky soft and never dries out the skin or coat. The smell is simply clean and fresh that last for days, yet not too overbearing. My groomer used it for the first time when I took it with me to use on my dogs. She immediately feel in love and raved to everyone there on how well it worked. Of course she wanted to know where to purchase it so she could get some for her shop right away! You will not be disappointed with this shampoo!
Reviews 1-1 of 1