Puppy Intensive Care Book & DVD

Puppy Intensive Care Book & DVD (11126)


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A must for newbies
Roberta K
Perry, Ohio
  • inexpensive
  • detailed
  • tube feeding
  • hydrating pups
  • DVD
  • Wonderful
We have found this book and DVD to be very helpful in answering many of our emergency questions. It has very detailed step by step instructions which have guided us in saving puppies which without this knowledge we would have lost them. The details and DVD shows how to hydrate and tube feed puppies!

We have 2 bitches which have marvelous puppies, they love their puppies and are excellent Momma's but have difficulty with milk production for the first 3 days. We continue to feed and hydrate these show quality puppies with the help of this marvelous book and DVD. Well worth the time, effort and cost. Thank You for this product in so many ways.
Reviews 1-1 of 1