K-9 Bluelite 1.75 Lb

K9 Bluelite (22382-148)


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K9 Bluelight
Chris Ramsey
I bought a container of this product because I occasionally foster puppies on their way to rescue. I brought two in yesterday and they were rather "subdued" which could have been due to the 2.5 hour drive we had up from southern Ohio. I decided to try this product with them, because they were showing only a little interest in canned food and the water I had out. We syringed a little into their mouths and they really liked it! Then I poured a bit more in a bowl and they went back several times - then they ate a bit more of the canned food - and later they went and ate the dry food. A few hours later, I was getting the more normal puppy behavior. I think this product worked as intended, and it was good to have on hand to give these quiet puppies a boost. I plan to pack some mixed up when I send puppies on long transports - I have packed Dyne Nutritional Supplement in the past - but this might be the new snack to pack for trips. Easy to mix; this container makes quite a bit of liquid.
Reviews 1-1 of 1