CatSure (23140-199)

Cat, 11oz Liquid

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professional pet sitter
Dolly R.
I have used this product for several years, and for several cats, all of which were either old with senior eating issues, or recooping from surgery. I have a cat on it currently who has only 5 teeth left, so it's hard for him to eat dry food and get enough nourishment. So I add it to can food and he laps it up. My vet was not aware of this product and it's benefits. He has run blood work, etc, on Casper and his only problem is lack of teeth and old age. Casper has put back on about a pound or so, which is good. The can states that once the product is opened it has to be used within 72 hours. What I do is pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze it. Then I use one cube with a small amount of canned wet food mixed in.

I just thaw the cube in the microwave. The price is fair and one can lasts about 6 days, and all of my cats have benefitted from it, especially those that can't seem to get enough nourishment from cat food alone.
Reviews 1-1 of 1