Lixit Glass Waterer

Lixit Bird Deluxe Glass Water Bottle (18536-Z)

Bird Delux Glass Water Bottle

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Great product for all sorts of animals
I have 2 of these that I used for my Lab when he was a puppy. It was a great way to provide water for him in his crate. I also didn't have to worry about him dumping a bowl or getting his blanket wet and the water was always fresh. Also when he drinks he puts his chin in the water (he was born blind) and that would absorbe a ton of water that would drip all over his bed and get it wet.

I am getting ready to purchase one for my blue front amazon. He has the supper pet one it's ok but I like the quality of the lixit brand. The supper pet one is already cracked so I'm gona spend a little more like I should have and buy this product.

I've used the same 2 for numerous puppies over the past 7 years and they have held up very well.

Pros: thick glass, large metal drinking nozal, heavey duty metal hanger that places the bottle on the out side of the cage, the metal hanger also locks the bottle in place and is quite difficult to get off by me some times so I know my bird won't be able to get it off.

Cons: can be difficult to clean espesialy if it gets algea in it.
Reviews 1-1 of 1