Tinkle Turf tinkle turf, indoor housetraining, synthetic grass

Tinkle Turf (15397-Z)

Tinkle Turf

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PupHead portable dog potty #1
Nothing can compare to the original dog potty the PupHead. Tinkle turf is another knock off that doesn't work. I have the PupHead and my dog used it within 5 minutes of opening even my sisters dog used it when she and her dog came to our house. We have a summer home on Cape Cod so I wanted another PupHead for that house. Sad to say the PupHead had been on back order so I purchased the tinkle turf thinking it would work like the PupHead. My dog would not use it. Expensive lesson learned. Always by the original PupHead portable dog potty don't waste your money on knock off dog potty's. No difference in price so buy the one that works.
Reviews 1-1 of 1