Probiotics & Antibiotics

Your Pets Need Them Both!

Humans and animals have both "good" and "bad" bacteria in their stomach, and they need a proper balance in order to digest and absorb food. However, sometimes the bad bacteria gets a foothold and starts to overgrow, crowding out the good bacteria and causing a sick, upset stomach. Antibiotics can be used to kill the bad bacteria, but these suppress both the good and bad bacteria.

That's why probiotics are helpful. They seed the GI tract with good bacteria and provide a healthy environment for them to grow. Over time, this restores the normal bacterial flora in the GI tract and stops the upset stomach, keeping your pet healthy.

Upset stomach, diarrhea, or antibiotic therapy are all good times to use probiotics. Also, if you know your dog is going to undergo stress such as boarding, traveling or hunting, it's a good idea to start using probiotics the week before and during to avoid any digestive problems.

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