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Fast energy when we need it most

Our pets body is full of the nutrients and vitamins needed to do what nature and their owner asks of them. There are times in an animal’s life when calorie-demand out weighs their calorie intake. That is when they call on tissue reserves for energy, protein and vitamins needed. Reproduction the Neonate and “Boomer pet” requirements increase calories and vitamins but the biggest need is seen in the athlete who is hunting, herding, jogs or pulls!

Giving birth is hard work, but giving birth 7 or 8 times in a row is a marathon! Some moms, especially smaller dogs or cats, get worn out. With the nausea of labor and cramping they seldom eat during this time. We usually manage the gestation well with prenatal vitamins but fall short at birthing. Calorie demands of the babies are still pulling on moms stores until born, but mom has doubled her need for energy and calcium because of labor and milking! Calcium and energy are the two biggest needs. Most manage Calcium well ( See Careful with Calcium ) but fall short on the easiest assistance to mom, which is energy! Large dogs have large stores but tiny moms and queens have to draw on reserves to get through birth. Getting energy into mom several times during labor keeps the process of breaking down fat for energy efficient and catches the glucose demand up between babies. Sounds easy just get mom to eat but when you are in active labor and cramping that isn’t happening

Forti-Cal gel is a highly concentrated, ready to absorb energy. Mom can even absorb it through the membranes of the mouth, she does not even have to swallow but most will as it is soothing to the throat and stomach. Forti-Cal is highly concentrated, so mom doesn’t need to consume large amounts to obtain calories. Used several times in early labor and between babies will avoid exhaustion of multiple births. Moms will mother better after birth if she is not so tired.

Newborns and weanlings:

Babies come into a world with huge calorie demands. Most puppies and kittens double their weight weekly for the first 4 weeks. If we think of our own weight and doubling it in 7 days you will see the calorie tissue building demand nature is asking for. Mom’s milk is 10% fat and high calorie to fill the growth needs ( See Won’t milk article ) but the puppy has to nurse! Using Forti-Cal gel or drops on the babies tongue will boost energy causing babies to nurse with more vigor. Cat and tiny dog breeders often use Forti-Cal twice a day. Wipe a small amount in their mouth and get them attached to a nipple. The result is a healthy baby with a full tummy. Getting babies gaining and keep babies gaining saves lives!

Weaned Tiny breed puppies should go to their new home with Forti-Cal gel. Dose twice a day to keep calories and vitamins up and appetite high. The puppy will think it is a treat but the goal is to avoid hypoglycemia before you have to treat low calorie issues!

Kittens are difficult to give vitamins, but Forti-Cal gel is given with ease. The vitamins are a big help with effective growth and maturity and the calories are a bonus here. Once daily will help keep them healthy during transition to a new home.

Working dog Hypoglycemia:

Hunting dogs are more excited than their owners to hunt and will exhaust all the glucose in their bloodstream if not controlled. They'll start staggering or fall down, and in severe cases may have seizures. The cure is simple. Call them in several times an hour and give them a few Forti-Cal soft chews for treats. This helps keep the glucose up allowing the liver to maintain your dog's glucose levels without over-taxing the system.

Joggers, sled dogs and herding dogs have huge endurance energy demands. Endurance takes calories and breaking down fat takes carbohydrates to be efficient. At breaks or checkpoints offering Forti-Cal soft chews as a treat will keep glucose levels up allowing the liver to burn fat efficiently.


Trainers like to use soft chews to get dogs to recall in the field. It keeps the calories up while giving them a reason to come in! Coming in when called is critical in an emergency when danger is near.


When recovering from an injury or illness there is an increase in demand for calories and vitamins. Adding a calorie supplement to your cat or dogs recovery speeds their return to normal and improves their appetite for food. Cats can be especially challenging in recovery as they often lose their appetite, refuse to eat and are difficult to start. Forti-Cal gel can be placed on the paw and when the cats need to groom will allow intake of calories and vitamins, both needed for weight gain, tissue repair and appetite stimulation.

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