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Safe Disposal of Needles and Syringes


  1. When you're finished with the syringe and needle, do not try to recap, remove, bend or break the needle. This is where most injuries occur.
  2. Dispose the syringe and needle immediately in a nearby sharps container. You should check with your state or county's regulations concerning sharps containers. Some counties accept coffee cans or milk jugs, while other counties will only accept specifically designed sharps disposal containers. It is illegal to dispose of syringes in the trash, recycling bin, or composting bins.
  3. All sharps must be deposited in a puncture-proof container. "Sharps" is a medical term for devices with sharp points or edges that could cut or puncture skin. Examples of sharps include needles, syringes, lancets, auto injectors (insulin pens), infusion sets, and connection needles/sets.
  4. Make sure your storage location is child and animal proof.
  5. As with all product handing, make sure you wash your hands after handling medical sharps.
  6. If you are accidentally stuck by a used needle or other sharp, you should wash the exposed area right away with water and soap or a skin disinfectant, such as rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer. Seek medical attention immediately.


  1. When your sharps container is ½ to ¾ full, dispose of the container in accordance with your state or county's regulations.
  2. Drop-off sites for sharps may include local hospitals, health clinics, pharmacies, medical waste facilities or health departments.

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-The Revival Education Team

The materials, information and answers provided through this website are not intended to replace the medical advice or services of your personal veterinarian or other pet health care professional. Consult your own veterinarian for answers to specific medical questions, including diagnosis, treatment, therapy or medical attention.

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