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X-O Plus Cleaner

X-O Plus+ Odor Neutralizer + Cleaner

  • Safe and effective multi-purpose deodorizer and cleaner
  • Cleans and neutralizes odors on hard and soft surfaces
  • Can use in the washer or spray into the air
  • Made from nature's safest ingredients; non-toxic
  • Ideal for veterinary, medical and home health care
X-O® Plus Odor Neutralizer and Cleaner is a multi-purpose solution made from nature's safest and most effective ingredients. Cleans a variety of soft and hard surfaces, neutralizing odors at the same time. Use it on all hard surfaces, carpets, upholstery, in trash cans, in your washing machine to freshen linens and clothing and as an air freshener. Works great to clean kennels, get smells out of horse stalls, cat bedding and litter. Ideal for veterinary, medical and home health care. Biodegradable, non-toxic and non-flammable. Made in USA.
Store in a warm warehouse. Avoid storing below 32°F or above 120°F. Keep container sealed.
Active ingredients: Water, 97.90%; Proprietary Essential Oils Compound, 1.00%; Surfactant,1.00% (Alkyl Polyglycoside 50% & Water 50%); Quaternary Ammonium Compound, 0.10% (Cetylpyridinium Chloride)
Directions for Use: X-O® Plus Odor Neutralizer and Cleaner is ready to use. Shake before using. For use on hard surfaces just spray and wipe clean. For fabric stains, wet with X-O® Plus Odor Neutralizer and Cleaner and rub briskly with a clean cloth. To freshen a room, spray 3-10 puffs into the air. To freshen laundry, add 1 oz per gallon of water. To clean and freshen carpets, add 1 oz per gallon of water in carpet machine.

Do not mix bleach with any X-O® products. No chemical reaction will occur, but bleach kills the active ingredients within X-O®.

Product Reviews
By: Toomanydogs
From: Houston, Texas
I have used this product for years and have tried other deoderizers/cleaner products, but always come back to this. I use it on urine (dog and cat), put it in laundry, use it to wash tile and laminate flooring and even spray patio with it after hosing it off (put X-O concentrate in a yard sprayer that attaches to garden hose and turn to highest setting and spray away. It makes the much-peed-upon patio smell great and doesn't kill the bees). Once was not able to get rid of very ill cat odor. That time I used X-O to clean carpet, then poured straight X-O concentrate on it and when it was dry covered area with baking soda and left if for weeks. When I finally vacuumed up soda all odor gone. No other deoderizer works as well.
By: DFine
From: Kansas City Area
I did not feel this product eliminated the odor as promised. I am still looking for a replacement product for Outright stain and odor remover which is no longer made.

By: Tigs mom
From: New York
Although very effective, CONCENTRATE in this product goes further. I made a mistake and bought this instead of the concentrate. You get more for your money w the CONCENTRATE. Payattention, easy to make a mistake and buy premixed.
By: Cat from another planets mom
From: Patterson
I have a cat whose behaviour problems have caused me to buy hundreds of dollars in products. I could write a review on every product out there. Enzymes would break down the urine smell sometimes, and other times, back to drawing board. My time, my energy, tossing items away, my money on products that leave a horrid fragrance behind, the story did not have a happy ending UNTIL RECENTLY. I READ a review on Amazon, in MY SEARCH to FIND AND HOPE something would work ALL THE TIME AND CUT THROUGH ALL FABRICS to get to stench. MOST PRODUCTS WORK on certain fabrics, textures..on and on. I was exhausted mixing to a certain temperature, cannot mix ahead of time, etc. MY STORY NOW has an ending. THIS PRODUCT WORKS EVERYTIME, FOR EVERY FABRIC! EVERY TEXTURE, on ANYTHING...WOOD FLOOR..TABLE...CHAIRS..CLOTHES..SMELL gone immediately. No after perfume, mild fruit smell instead...that's what this is made out of. Safe to spray on yourself, animal...I priced it all over Internet, Revival Animal is cheapest and shipping is, too. TEN STARS AND TEN MORE..I have my clean smelling house back. The cat stopped her urinatining around w a massive corner, uncovered litter box and Dr. Elseys, TOUCH of OUTDOORS litter AND NATURES MIRACLE Calming Spray for cats. I spray it all over and it's working. I have serious med's if behaviour returns, just in case.
Run..don't walk to buy this product
By: sierrak
From: New York
I wish I could get to every person out there that is struggling with getting rid of any odor, including cat marking. I have spent hundreds trying every product on the market to get out smells from a deranged, cat from hell. She destroyed my house and the enzymes would work sometimes and other times, the awful odor would return. There is not one fabric or anything that this cannot be sprayed on...including your skin. I sprayed all over my wood floors, chairs, couches, use it in laundry, bathroom...odors gone, no waiting around and no returning...GONE. Put cat blankets that smell in washing machine which didn't come out w other products, use X-O instead of regular detergent and presto..smell gone. My house is fresh smelling. Other products bother my sinuses and leave a lingering horrible smell. Not this product, smells like fresh it. I will never buy anything else...spread the word..this is a quality product worth buying. It's concentrated and lasts a long time.

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