Portable Woods Lamp

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    • Woods Lamp ultra-violet light detects ringworm
    • Optimal wave length of 360 nm
    • Includes LED flashlight setting to use in small places
    The Woods Lamp is a lightweight, ultra-violet light used to detect ringworm or the presence of a fungal infection. When an area on the skin is infected with Tinea, a type of ringworm fungus, the fungus will glow under the light of the Woods Lamp. Ringworm is a highly contagious infection which can lead to hair loss on dogs. It can quickly spread to other animals and humans as well. If ringworm is detected, immediate treatment is necessary.
    In addition, this mini-lantern also has an LED light setting for use as a handy flashlight in small places. Requires four AA batteries (not included).
    Measures: 6.25"L x 2"W x 1"D
    1 (one) mini ultra-violet fluorescent lantern with 4 Watt, 6" UV Tube
    Requires: 4 UM-3/AA batteries (not included)

    Features 2 (two) settings: woods lamp setting and LED flashlight setting
    1 (one) attached cord-strap

    Made in China
    Directions for Use: Three switch positions include: OFF (center), Woods Lamp and LED flashlight.

    Maintenance: When florescent tube becomes dim, change batteries. If unit is not used for extended period of time, remove batteries. If tube is not connected, do not turn on unit as it may damage unit.

    Tube Replacement: To replace fluorescent tube, first remove the batteries. Then remove the circular holder on the side of the unit, followed by the side panel to access the clear lens. Lightly twist the tube by the base to release, and replace with new 4-watt 6 inch tube.
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    Woods Lamp

    I was immediately taken aback by the apparent "cheapness" of this made in China product. It reminded me of the favors you get for less than a dollar a piece to be handled out at parties (Dollar Store stuff). I immediately figured I would return it. Like the previous review here, it was a challenge just to get the batteries in and get it working. I held it over a number of things, including a litter pan and nothing glowed, so if urine in a litter box didn't light up, I'm guessing it doesn't work properly. After a "live chat" about returns, I am told that because it is opened and "contaminated" it cannot be returned. I would not have bought it if I had known that. My opinion is that anything that is not returnable, that fact should be posted right with the description of the product, or as it comes up on your order, and this was not. I checked the return policy after the conversation and this item is not listed with other items that cannot be returned, like vaccines.

    ****Editor's Note - We hope you found our customer service follow-up satisfactory.

    - Revival Animal Health


    Is everything "made in China?"

    Well, the lamp does work, but for nearly $40 dollars I was disappointed in the overall quality.

    Cheap plastic that really doesn't look like much more than a dollar store regular flashlight. Instructions that are rudimentary English at best. Hope you know how to load batteries - which are 4 in number, not the 2, the instructions state - or you'll be trying every combination under the sun.

    Maybe some US company can create a black-lite bulb that will fit into any flash light and save us all some money.

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