Witness Relaxin Canine Pregnancy Test Kit

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  • The WITNESS® Relaxin Test kit measures the amount of relaxin in the blood to distinguish between pseudo pregnancy and gestation
  • Requires only a small sample of serum or plasma
  • Gives results within 10 minutes
  • Canine and feline pregnancy test kit
  • For veterinary use only
Test Kits are non-returnable. 
By measuring the amount of relaxin in the blood, the WITNESS® Relaxin Test Kit is able to distinguish between pseudo pregnancy and gestation in dogs and cats. This test gives a reliable assessment of pregnancy status. The test detects relaxin produced by the developing placenta(s) as early as day 20 after the luteinizing hormone surge. Relaxin is secreted primarily by the placenta, and it is the only hormone specifically associated with canine and feline pregnancy. The presence of significant amounts of relaxin is a reliable indicator of pregnancy. A sudden decrease in relaxin may indicate that abortion or spontaneous abortion has occurred. Requires only a small sample of serum or plasma; whole blood cannot be used. Gives results within 10 minutes. Kit includes 5 tests, 1 buffer bottle, 5 pipettes and instructions. A centrifuge is needed to get the serum and plasma required for the test.
It is recommended to test samples immediately after collection. If samples are kept at room temperature, they should be tested within 4 hours. Otherwise, samples should be refrigerated at 2-7°C (35-45°F) and may be held for up to 48 hours.
Do not use components after expiration date.
Refrigeration not required. Store the test kit at 2-25°C (35-77°F). Do not freeze.
Use the test within 10 minutes after opening the sealed pouch.
Use a separate pipette for each sample.
Important: Allow sample and buffer drops to fall onto membrane at window #1. Do not touch pipette tip, sample drops, buffer drops, or buffer bottle tip directly to the membrane.
Test Procedure:
1. Sample application: Tear open the pouch provided and place the test on a flat surface for the duration of the test. Squeeze the provided pipette near the sealed end. Insert the pipette into the serum or plasma sample and draw up a small amount. Holding the pipette vertically, transfer two drops into window #1.
2. Buffer dispensing: Remove the cap from the buffer bottle, hold it vertically and add two drops of buffer into window #1.
3. Reading test: Wait 10 minutes, and then observe the presence or absence of pink/purple bands in reading windows #2 (sample results) and #3 (control).

Test Results:
Validation: Test is validated if a pink/purple band is present in the reading window #3.
Negative for relaxin: No band in reading window #2, with one pink/purple band in window #3. Any negative result is considered indicative of non-pregnancy.
Positive for relaxin: One pink/purple band in reading window #2, with one pink/purple band in window #3. A positive result is considered indicative of pregnancy. A weak positive result may be observed at the beginning of pregnancy.

It is recommended to repeat the test on a fresh sample to confirm negative or positive results.
For use with dogs and cats.
Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:

They work for me.

My option is an x ray at 7 weeks to confirm. The vets around here don't do the sonograms. I bought one box of 5 tests and all results were accurate. I had difficulty initially getting the serum to separate. Just put the blood in a green top vial and let it sit. It will separate on it's own. Fast, easy, reliable, and inexpensive compared to the vet visits.


Do not test before 30 days post ovulation and this test is very reliable


Sadly a waste of money

I am an experience breeder and a registered veterinary tech. I was very excited about the possibilty of determining pregnancy at home without having to transport my girls and expose them to the stress and germs of the vet clinic. I bred 3 healthy bitches. I tracked progresterone and knew exact dates of LH surge and dates of breeding. I tested one bitch 28 days after ovulation and she was negative for pregnancy. Follow up x-ray at 55 days showed she was not pregnant. I tested the second bitch at 31 days after ovulation and she was negative for pregnancy. Follow up x-ray at 57 days showed 10(!!!) puppies. I tested the third bitch at 35 days and she was negative. Follow up x-ray at 56 days showed 6 puppies. If the test cannot detect fair to large litters 30 days after ovulation it is of no use to me. I will continue to use ultrasound to confirm pregnancy.

Traverse City, MI

A great option!

I test at day 30 and I have never had an inaccurate reading. I have even had two separate singleton litters and those showed up on the tests as well! I highly recommend them.


Minimal sample, easy to perform. Reliable.



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