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Virkon Hand Held Hydro Sprayer

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DuPont Virkon Hand Held Hydro Sprayer makes disinfecting easy. This sturdy sprayer consists of an injection molded barrel, handle and eductor and is equipped with a suction tube/strainer and quick connect spray gun. Connects to a 0.75" male garden hose thread and needs a minimum of 25 PSI water pressure. Features a hand lock for continuous operation. Holds 96 fluid ounces.
Directions for Use: Unscrew spray lid assembly from container. Fill the container with solution. Screw sprayer lid assembly securely onto container. Insert sprayer lid assembly into female connection on spray gun. Connect garden hose with .75" male garden thread to the base of the spray gun handle. Turn on water supply. Grasp the spray gun handle in one hand and the sprayer container in the other. Squeeze the spray gun handle to begin spraying. Use hand lock for continuous operation. Rinse by disconnecting the spray gun from the spraying lid assembly. To remove the sprayer from the spray gun, grasp the quick connect on the spray gun in one hand and the sprayer assembly in the other. Pull in opposite directions. The outside collar around the quick connect will slide toward the spray gun, disengaging the sprayer barrel.
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