VET BASICS Medicated Ear Flush

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    • VET BASICSĀ® Medicated Ear Flush is an antibacterial and antifungal solution to gently clean and flush the pet's skin and ears
    • Formulation creates an unfavorable environment for pathogenic bacteria to grow
    • Ketoconazole effectively controls yeast and fungi that causes smelly ears
    • Safe and effective for daily or weekly maintenance of ear canals
    • For use on dogs, cats, and horses
    This Medicated Ear Flush with TRIS is a highly effective topical solution that helps manage skin and ear infections. It contains ketoconazole to manage yeast and fungi organisms, while EDTA creates an unfavorable environment for bacteria growth. The slightly alkaline pH (8) of TRIS (tromethamine) and EDTA also may help enhance your pet's antibiotic treatments. Safe to use on dogs, cats and horses.
    Active ingredients: Ketoconazole 0.1%, EDTA, Tromethamine (TRIS).
    Shake well before use. Clean away debris and apply liberally to the area. Do not allow the animal to lick the treated area until dry to prevent ingestion. Apply twice daily or as directed by your veterinarian. Wash hands after use.
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    Vet Basics Medicated Ear Flush

    This stuff is amazing. My Labrador Retriever is prone to yeast in her ears any time she gets stressed. I had tried EVERYTHING out there! Even the steroid medications would only clear it up briefly then we would be back where we started. Then I bought the medicated ear flush. Within a week the yeast was gone and didn't come back for months! The great thing about it is you can use it on a pregnant female. And it does NOT burn their ears like so many formulas for yeast do. I love it!

    Washington, D.C.

    Excellent product

    This ear flush is amazing. I used it one day in my dog ear to wash away yeast, and it made a huge difference. I remember visiting the vet and paying a lot for a flush. This stuff is amazing.

    Franklin PA

    We raise beagles and they are susceptible to yeast infection in the ears. We have been treating one of our females for the past month and a half. She has had her ears packed at the vet and getting no where. Revival sent me the Vet Basics Medicated Ear Flush. I took it to the vet to get his opinion, he said that it is very close to what they use and it should work as it had drying ingredients. We have used it for two weeks and the infection is close to being all gone. This dog was very bad with a lot of black stuff that we had never seen before. It has made a believer in the Vet Basics products. Try it and if you follow the directions I think you'll like it.

    I like the vet basics medicated ear flush. I think it does a good job in my cats ears.


    Wonderful Product

    I use this to keep all of my cats and kittens ears clean and infection free. It works great!



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