Paramite L.A.

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    • VET-KEM® Paramite® L.A. controls horn flies, lice, ticks and sarcoptic mange on cattle and swine
    • Contains 11.75% Phosmet
    • Made in USA
    Use VET-KEM® Paramite® L.A. to control horn flies, lice, ticks and sarcoptic mange on cattle and swine.
    For use on cattle and swine only.
    NOT for residential use on companion animals.

    Keep out of reach of children

    Do not use or store near heat or open flame. Protect from temperatures below 20°F.
    Active ingredient: 11.75% Phosmet
    *Contains petroleum distillates
    Contains 1 lb active ingredient per gallon
    It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.
    Directions for use: Stir thoroughly. Apply fresh mixture as a coarse spray, taking care to wet skin, not just hair. Do not apply to point of run-off. Do not allow spray to drift.
    Read instruction sheet thoroughly. Dilute as shown in tables in instruction sheet for the appropriate species.
    Do not treat sick, convalescent, or stressed animals.
    For use on cattle and swine only.
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    A MUST Have ...!!!

    This is a MUST have item when you have a pack...HOWEVER, it can be harmful if proceedures are not followed correctly so do NOT throw caution to the wind. Our Pack of Fila's are healthier and more protected with Paramite than any other house on the block due to the flexibility of its home - as a dip for possible infestations on your pets that enjoy the outdoors right up to protection of your yard and outdoor use for even further protection against infestation. I could NOT live with the pack we have without Paramite! Remember - FOLLOW DIRECTIONS to be SAFE!


    paramite or prolate

    This works very well for the defense of fleas, ticks, and mange on dogs. It smells bad but it is worth it. The price is high on paramite, but prolate works as well and is cheaper. I use both.



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