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Urine Off

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Urine-Off uses bio-enzymes to break down urine crystals and literally eating them eliminating the source of urine odor and the stain. It's not a perfume or cover up and even works on old dried up problem areas with high concentrations of urine. Dogs and cats won't be able to detect the urine odor, which helps with housebreaking. The ready-to-use formula works on hardwood, carpet, concrete, tile, fabric and more. Cat/Kitten formula has a higher viscosity that adheres to vertical surfaces where cats may have sprayed. Also includes a pheromone blocker that works on even strong tomcat urine.
USDA certified biobased product

This product contains enzymes and non-pathogenic micro-organisms in a complex blend of surfactants. Contains no hazardous materials as defined by the OSHA regulations: 29 CFR Section 1910.1200.
Product 74%
General Directions: Shake well before used. Never dilute or use with other cleaners. Always check for colorfastness of surface in a discreet spot. Remove excess wet urine with paper towel. For best results, use a black light to locate hard-to-find urine soiled areas. Saturate soiled areas with Urine-Off using a Urine-Off pump sprayer or battery-powered spray gun. Allow to air dry - do not scrub. Remove residue using water sparingly and blot with paper towel.
Hard Surfaces: Wipe up urine. Spray surface and allow to air dry. Wipe up residue using water and absorbent paper towel. For old, dried deposits, repeat application on subsequent days until odor is gone.
Carpet Underlay: Spray and saturate soiled area and cover with a layer of plastic film to keep moist. Wipe up residue using water and absorbent paper towel. For old, dried deposits, repeat application on subsequent days until odor is gone.
Carpet & Fabrics: Remove fresh urine by blotting with paper towels. Thoroughly saturate urine stain and underlying padding with Urine-Off - soak generously! Urine stains spread 2-4 times their surface size as it soaks into padding. Urine-Off must contact all urine-affected areas to remove odor and stain. Allow to air dry - do not scrub. For old, dried deposits, it may be necessary to repeat application on subsequent days to break down old urine crystals and remove stain and odor. After final Urine-Off application, rinse nap sparingly with water and blot with absorbent towel to remove any residue. The longer the area stays moist with Urine-Off the better the results will be. Plastic wrap may be used to slow evaporation and allow it to work longer. Never shampoo urine soiled carpet or fabric until after all odors and stains have been removed with Urine-Off.

Caution: Avoid contact with eyes, skin and open wounds. Do not use as an air freshener.

Keep out of reach of children. Do not spray on humans or pets
Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from extreme heat and cold. Keep from freezing.
Keep container closed.
Do not dilute.
Made in USA
Keep out of reach of children.
Species Info
Urine-Off Dog/Puppy is formulated for canine urine stain and odor removal.
Urine-Off Cat/Kitten is formulated for feline urine stain and odor removal including tomcat.
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