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Troff Pouch

Item #: 18124-439
17oz, 3pk - While Supplies Last
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  • Gives your dogs clean and pure water every time
  • Great for hiking, running, and the on-the-go
  • It's freezable and reusable
Troff Pouch gives your dogs clean and pure water every time. The non-spill valve prevents back flow and prevents oral diseases. Proper hydration along with a healthy, wholesome diet and exercise creates a healthy dog. This 17oz pouch is great for hiking, running, and the on-the-go pup by folding up for easy storage. It's freezable and reusable. Canine Hydration provides cells with what they need to work at full capacity, aids in the movement of heat for greater thermal control, provides support for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients, provides support for proper weight control, aids in proper absorption of medication and improves recovery time, and is necessary for the elimination of waste.
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