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The Pill Book Guide to Medication

The Pill Book Guide to Medication For Your Dog and Cat

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  • This one-of-a-kind guide
  • Important information about the most commonly prescribed counter drugs
  • A guide to preventive care, an index of symptoms, a quick reference first-aid guide
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The one pet medical reference no dog or cat owner should be without!

The Pill Book Guide to Medication is a one-of-a-kind guide that provides you with important information about the most commonly prescribed and over-the-counter drugs for cats and dogs, plus helpful information on alternative therapies that will keep your pet healthy and happy. From common antibiotics and powerful drugs prescribed for more serious ailments to recent medications such as the "flea pill," here are the facts you need to know. Each drug is extensively profiled for effectiveness, safety, proper dosages, possible side effects, allergic reactions, toxicity, and much more.
You'll also receive expert advice on the following:

  • How to choose a veterinarian
  • A guide to common household poisons
  • The pros and cons of using human drugs, such as Prozac and Elavil
  • How particular medications may affect your pet's behavior
  • How to perform a physical exam at home to assess your pet's general health
  • Plus a guide to preventive care, a quick-reference first-aid guide and much more!
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