Thankful for puppy counselors

All of you know how much I love my dogs and how thankful I am for the joy they have given. They have taught my family kindness, to be gentle and sometimes it is better to lick first and ask forgiveness later than to take no action at all.

This Thanksgiving I want to speak of a puppy you raised. To boast of the kindness and healing that puppy gave to a woman in need of kindness and healing! It renewed my pride in what you do to get these puppies raised healthy and gentle so another, you barely know, can experience years of joy and kindness. We truly raise “America’s Next Best Friend”!

At a recent meeting, a lady waited in the background until I was done answering questions. When I acknowledged her, she quietly shared her story. She told me her name was Helen and she just wanted to tell someone the dog she purchased from a breeder was wonderful and a reincarnation of her husband that passed. I have learned to go with these conversations as they always touch your heart! Helen had recently lost her husband to a sudden illness and people trying to comfort were only causing her more sadness. She had seen the litter of Bichons advertised with the birth date the same day she lost her husband – she decided to look at them.

The breeder, she went on, was very kind and apologized for her loss. She was shown the litter of 8 puppies and one picked her out, cocking his head looking at her. “It was the same look my husband would give me” she commented. When she asks the breeder what time of the day they were born the breeder told her around mid day and the one she held was the second one born being the bigger of 2 males. He was born just after 2 PM.

Oh my, she said, that was the exact time my husband passed and I knew it was him! They have the same silly look and personality! Now I don’t believe in reincarnation but went with it. She thanked me for working with breeders and told me how much joy this puppy had brought to her life. She told me of her difficulty losing her husband and that this puppy did what few could, he made her smile!

I told her I was thankful she had this Bichon baby to share her life and that she deserves the joy he brought to her household! If her husband pushed her to look at this puppy, well that just added to the smile your story brings. I thanked her for sharing and told her one of the reasons I love the business of raising dogs is the joy they bring with them. It is just hard to get sad looking at eight little puppies – you just have to smile! We laughed, hugged, parted and likely will never see each other again. But we left both knowing the joy a puppy can bring with a “silly little smile”. If that smile is just like her husbands, well we should select for more of those!

Thankful and proud you are raising “Americas Next Best Friend”!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
- Dr. B

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