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Sure Grow 100

Sure Grow 100

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Sure Grow 100 is a nutritional supplement that has calcium and phosphorus to promote optimal bone development in puppies, especially during the period of rapid growth. Also helpful for pregnant and lactating bitches and dogs with other bone development problems, such as hip dysplasia, cow hocking, bandy legging, lowered pasterns, rickets and poor ligament growth.
Dextrose, monocalcium phosphate, corn starch, blood meal, animal liver blend, stearic acid, zinc, stearate, silicon dioxide, brown lake blend, vitamin A acetate, d-Activated animal sterol
Give twice daily. Dogs 5-15 lbs: 1/2 tab, 16-30 lbs: 1 tab, 31-60 Lbs: 11/2 tabs, 61+ lbs: 2 tabs.
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