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Strongid Paste

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Strongid Paste removes and controls mature infections of large strongyles, pinworms, large roundworms and small strongyles in horses and ponies. Each syringe contains 3.6 g pyrantel base in 23.6 g paste. Each ml contains 180 mg pyrantel base as pyrantel pamoate. Convenient disposable syringe treats up to 1200 lbs. of body weight. 23.6 gram tube.
Do not use in horses intended for human consumption.
Keep out of reach of children.
It is recommended that severely debilitated animals not treated with this preparation.

Store at controlled room temperature 15 - 25 degrees C (59 - 77 degrees F)
Administer as a single oral dose of 3 mg pyrantel base per pound of body weight. The syringe has four (4) weight mark increments. Each weight mark indicates the recommended dose for 300 lbs of body weight. It is recommended that foals 2- 8 months of age be dosed every 4 weeks. Mares should be treated 1 month prior to anticipated foaling date and re-treated 10 days to 2 weeks after birth of the foal. Horses and ponies over 8 months of age should be routinely dosed every 6 weeks.

After removing the cap, the paste should be deposited on the dorsum of the tongue. Introduce the nozzle end of the syringe at the corner of the mouth. Direct the syringe backwards and depress the plunger to deposit the paste onto the tongue. Giving in this manner, it is unlikely that rejection of the paste will occur. Raising the horse's head sometimes assists in the swallowing process. If only part of the paste has been used, replace the cap on the syringe nozzle.
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