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Stainless steel stapler with staples.
Stainless steel stapler with staples.
Skin Stapler - 22810-317
Skin Stapler - 22810-317

Skin Stapler

  • Affordable and easy-to-use skin stapler and staple remover
  • Single use, individually sterile
  • 35 preloaded staples
  • Short trigger stroke for non-stop feed
  • Quality construction for consistent performance
The disposable sterilized Skin Stapler is ready for use when needed. Its quality construction provides reliable and consistent performance for reduced surgery time and less trauma to the pet. The comfortable handle fits most hand sizes and the angled head lets you see the incision to give you precise staple placement. It features a unique shuttling action which reduces track friction, the primary cause of jamming and a short trigger stroke allowing for easy operation and non-stop feeding of staples. Each skin stapler has a staple count indicator bar on the side to view remaining staples helping to minimize waste. The Skin Staple Remover has metal tip jaws for fast, safe removal of surgical skin staples with little discomfort to the pet. It's designed to work with either hand. The Skin Stapler and Skin Staple Remover are EO sterilized and individually package for single use only.
The Skin Stapler and Skin Staple Remover are provided sterile for single-use only. Do not use if package is opened or damaged. Do not re-sterilize. Discard after use.

Skin Stapler-Regular
Contains: 35 preloaded staples measuring approximately 5.4mm x 3.6mm after closure.
Sterilized by EO
Skin Stapler-Wide
Contains: 35 preloaded staples measuring approximately 7.0mm x 4.0mm after closure.
Sterilized by EO
Skin Staple Remover
Measures approximately 3.75"L
Sterilized by EO
Skin Stapler
Directions for Use: Evert and approximate skin edges. Position stapler over center and everted skin edges. Close by squeezing trigger fully until motion is halted. Release trigger to achieve staple release. Always ensure trigger is fully closed and released to properly feed the next staple into position. Discard after single use.

Skin Staple Remover
Directions for Use: Place metal tip underneath the staple and squeeze the handles until they touch and extractor is fully closed. Once staple is completely reformed, lift from the skin to remove staple. Removes staples in the same direction they were embedded during surgery. Do not re-sterilize. Discard after single use.

Product Reviews
Marty Roberts, Owner, Sporting Life Kennels LLC
By: Marty
This is a great piece of equipment to have around. this has saved us several times in a crisis. This is a must have for a working kennels. Easy to use. Must prep the area correctly before you use the stapler.
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