Sentry Stop That! Behavior Correction Spray For Dogs

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    • Sentry® Stop That!™ Behavior Correction Spray For Dogs is proven to stop unwanted behaviors
    • Modifies destructive and aggressive behavior
    • Emits a quick, attention-getting noise and pheromone mist
    • Immediately calms and redirects your dog's attention
    • Lavender chamomile fragrance
    Sentry® Stop That!™ Behavior Correction Spray For Dogs uses GOODbehavior™ pheromone technology that is proven to stop unwanted behaviors such as jumping, barking, aggression and pulling on the leash. Modifies destructive or aggressive behavior with a quick, attention-getting noise and pheromone mist. This spray emits a hiss of air with a pheromone to interrupt undesirable behaviors and immediately calm and redirect your dog's attention. Provides quite, effective results without causing physical harm. The effect of this spray lasts longer than noise alone and helps your dog not re-engage in the negative behavior. Lavender chamomile fragrance.
    For animal use only.
    Contents under pressure.

    Keep out of reach of children.

    Do not set on stove or radiator, expose to heat or store at temperatures above 120°F (77°C) as container may burst.
    Directions for Use: Stop unwanted behavior in your dog by spraying in the direction of your dog, approximately 12 to 18 inches away in a short burst. The can must be held in an upright position. Do not spray the dog directly in the face.

    It is important to spray during or immediately after the bad behavior. Do not wait or your dog may become confused.
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    New Hampshire

    Finally no jumping and barking!

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    I have 5 dogs ranging from 3 months to 9 years old. Have tried everything to stop the crazy behavior when someone visits or even the barking when people are walking on the street by our house/fenced in area. It has been 4 days using this product and it is amazing! I just have to show the can and they are ALL quiet and no jumping!!! The scent is nice and they are learning by the noise and smell that when they use a certain bad behavior, it's what they get. Eventually good behavior will be second nature to them! So excited to have found this product!

    Montour Falls, NY

    Unbelievable results!

    I have a rescue dog whose mother was an Alaskan Malamute/Siberian Husky mix and although the father is unknown, he is believed to be a German Shepherd/Akita mix. Koko is very strong willed and short fused. He used to snap at the other dogs and sometimes my adult son. I bought this product on a whim and one time when Koko started to lose it, I grabbed it and gave him a blast. It was unbelievable! He ran to his favorite easy chair and sat in it with his ears down and eyes bugged out. We couldn't help but laugh. I asked him if he was going to behave and he slinked over to me and put his head in my lap. Since then I only have to show him the spray can and he runs to his chair. He has had ONE reinforcement blast in two weeks and is a changed dog! I am so happy with the results!


    This spray really works. I have a 9 yr old Weimariner/Pit Bull mix that is very strong willed. I have never been able to control his jumping or barking. I've tried ultra sonic correction as well as a citronella barking collar, neither of which worked. One spray of Stop That and he immediately stops the barking or jumping and runs into the bedroom and won't come out for at least an hour. I love it!



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