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Sentry Capguard

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  • Treat flea infestations with one easy treatment
  • Fast-acting - starts working in 30 minutes
  • Contains nitenpyram, vet recommended
  • Kills adult fleas on your pet
Take the hassle out of flea infestations! Get rid of fleas fast with Sentry® Capguard (nitenpyram). Compare to Capstar® (nitenpyram), same active ingredient used in the vet channel.* Sentry® Capguard is an oral flea control medication available over-the-counter to consumers like you. This easy-to-dose tablet begins working within 30 minutes. It cuts out the mess and does exactly what you need it to do: kills fleas fast! Give this effective and hassle-free product a try! Available for dogs over 25lbs, or for dogs and cats 2-25 lbs.

*Capstar® is a registered trademark of Novartis
Active ingredient: Nitenpyram
Dogs and cats over 4 weeks of age; give 1 pill according to weight formulation. Can be given every 24 hours for re-infestation.
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