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Safeguard Dewormer - 31210-233
Safeguard Dewormer - 31210-233

Safeguard Dewormer

  • Safeguard® eliminates and controls a broad spectrum of worms in cattle and goats
  • Safeguard® for Goats (125 ml) treats barberpole and brown stomach worms
  • Safeguard® for Beef & Dairy Cattle (1000 ml and Gallon) kills lung, stomach, barberpole, intestinal, hook and nodular worms
  • 10% Suspension Fenbendazole
  • Made in USA
Safeguard® removes and controls a broad spectrum of stomach and intestinal worms in cattle and goats. Safeguard® for Goats (125 ml) treats barberpole and brown stomach worms. Safeguard® for Beef & Dairy Cattle (1000 ml and Gallon) eliminates and controls lungworms, brown stomach worms, barberpole worms, intestinal worms, hookworms, thread-necked intestinal worms, bankrupt worms and nodular worms. Active ingredient: Suspension 10% Fenbendazole. Made in USA.
For animal use only. Not for human use. Use only as directed.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Goats, 125 ml = 4.2 fl oz
Cattle, 1,000 ml = 33.8 fl oz
Cattle, Gallon = 3,785 ml

Store at or below 25°C (77°F). Protect from freezing.
Active ingredient: Suspension 10% Fenbendazole (100 mg/ml)
Safeguard® Directions for Use: Shake well before use. Determine the proper dose according to estimated body weight. Administer orally. The recommended dose of 2.3 mg/lb (5 mg/kg) is achieved when 2.3 ml of the drug are given for each 100 lb body weight.
Examples for dosing goats: 25 lb body weight use 0.6 ml; 50 lb body weight use 1.2 ml; 75 lb body weight use 1.7 ml; 100 lb body weight use 2.3 ml; 125 lb body weight use 2.9 ml.
Examples for dosing Cattle: 100 lb body weight use 2.3 ml; 200 lb body weight use 4.6 ml; 300 lb body weight use 6.9 ml; 400 lb body weight use 9.2 ml; 500 lb body weight use 11.5 ml; 1000 lb body weight use 23.0 ml and 1500 lb use 34.5 ml
Under conditions of continued exposure to parasites, retreatment may be needed after four to six weeks.

Warning: Cattle must not be slaughtered within 8 days following treatment. A withdrawal period has not been established for this product in pre-ruminating calves. Do not use in calves to be processed for veal. Goats must not be slaughtered for food within 6 days following treatment. Because a withdrawal time in milk has not been established, do not use in lactating goats. For dairy cattle, there is no milk withdrawal period.

Product Reviews
By: Brenda Lott
From: United States
Product delivered on time as ordered.

By: Stone house ranch
From: SD
I used this for worming my my pups at 8 weeks. It's a three day process but works great and has the same ingredinents as the puppy wormer but better price and more for the bang. Thank you.

Safeguard Dewormer
By: f seamans
From: Maine
Broad spectrum wormer! Does the job. No signs of side effects on any of my animals. Very pleased! I

I love safe guard wormer
By: Lwspotted
From: Wisconsin
I have used this wormer for years and is the same ingredient as panacure for dogs but a lot cheaper to use.. I can worm my whole kennel without the high price

dog stuff
By: Michele Hackett
From: Citrus Heights, Ca 95621
You are the best. Just wish you would offer free shipping sometimes
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