SNAP Heartworm Test Kit

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  • The SNAP® Heartworm Test Kit is an easy-to-use test that detects the heartworm antigen in dogs and cats in eight minutes
  • Color development on the sample is proportional to the antigen concentrations for clear results
  • Uses serum, plasma or anticoagulated whole blood
  • Provides superior sensitivity and results you can count on
  • Easy-to-interpret results

Test Kits are non-returnable.
Heartworm can become a fatal infection, and your pet can become infected by a simple mosquito bite. Using serum, plasma or anticoagulated whole blood, the SNAP® Heartworm Test Kit can detect the heartworm antigen in dogs and cats in just eight minutes. This test provides superior sensitivity for your heartworm screenings, delivering results you can count on. The color development on the sample is proportional to the antigen concentration, making the results clear and easy to interpret. A negative control helps safeguard against false positives. Comes with transfer pipettes, sample tubes, and reagent rack.
All components must be at room temperature (18-25°C) before beginning the test procedure.
Serum, plasma or anticoagulated whole blood, either fresh or stored at 2-8°C for up to one week, can be used.
For longer storage, serum or plasma can be frozen (-20°C or colder) and then recentrifuged before use.

Kit Components:
1 bottle anti-HTWM: HRPO conjugate (Preserved with gentamicin and Kathon)
SNAP Device
Reagents contained in each device:
Wash Solution (preserved with Kathon)
Substrate Solution
Test Procedure:
1. If stored in a refrigerator, allow all components to equilibrate at room temperature for 30 minutes. Do not heat.
2. Using the provide pipette, dispense 3 drops of sample and 4 drops of conjugate into a disposable sample tube.
3. Cap the sample tube and mix by gently upturning the sample tube 4 to 5 times.
4. Pour the contents of the sample tube into the sample well of a SNAP® device.
5. When color first appears in the activation circle, press firmly to activate. You will hear a distinct "snap."
6. Read the test result 8 minutes from the time of activation.

Interpreting Test Results:
Positive Result: Any amount of color development in the sample spots indicate a positive result and color intensity is proportional to the heartworm antigen concentration in the sample.
Negative Result: Only the positive control spot develops color.
For use in dogs and cats.

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