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  • Snap® FeLV Test Kit provides accurate detection of the feline leukemia virus antigen within 10 minutes
  • Color development on sample spot indicates the presence of the antigen
  • Negative control spot helps safeguard against false positives
  • Requires serum, plasma or anticoagulated whole blood
Test Kits are non-returnable.
The Snap® FeLV Test Kit provides accurate detection of the feline leukemia virus antigen within 10 minutes. The color development on the sample spot indicates the presence of the antigen, while the negative control spot helps safeguard against false positives and determines invalid tests. Requires serum, plasma or anticoagulated whole blood. For veterinary use only. Made in USA. No returns on test kits.
1 bottle Anti-FeLV:HRPO Conjugate; 3.5 ml with 15 tests; 7 ml with 30 tests
1 Snap® Device Monoclonal antibodies to p27 and positive and negative controls; 15 with 15 tests; 30 with 30 tests.
Reagents contained in each device:
Wash Solution, 0.4 ml with 15 tests; 0.4 ml with 30 tests
Substrate Solution, 0.6 ml with 15 tests; 0.6 ml with 30 tests
Other components
Transfer pipettes
Sample Tubes
Rand Eagent Rack
Instruction Insert

Snap® devices and test reagents must be stored at 2-8° C (35-46°F). All components must be at room temperature 18-25°C (64°-77°F) before running the test. Do not heat. This will take at least 30 minutes depending upon the temperature of your laboratory.
Sample Information
Samples must be at room temperature 18-25°C (64°-77°F) before beginning test procedure.
Serum or plasma, either fresh, previously frozen or stored at 2-8°C (35-46°F), may be used in this test.
Serum or plasma may be stored for up to 7 days at 2-8°C (35-46°F). For longer storage, sample should be frozen (-20°C/-4°F) or colder).
Previously frozen or older samples must be centrifuged before use.
Hemolyzed or lipemic samples will not affect results.
EDTA or heparin in plasma will not affect results.
Whole blood may be used. Whole blood must be anticoagulated (eg. EDTA, heparin) and may be used either fresh or after refrigeration 2-8°C (35-46°F) for up to one week.

Test Procedure
1. Allow components to equilibrate at room temperature 18-25°C (64°-77°F) for 30 minutes. DO NOT HEAT.
2. Using the pipette that is provided, transfer 3 drops of sample (whole blood, serum, or plasma) into sample tube.
3. Holding bottle vertical, add 4 drops of conjugate to the sample tube.
4. Cap the sample tube and mix thoroughly by inverting tube 3-5 times.
5. Place the device on a flat surface. Add contents of sample tube to Sample Well, being careful not to splash contents outside of Sample Well. Sample will flow across Result Window, reaching Activate Circle in approximately 30-60 seconds. Some sample may remain in Sample Well.
Watch carefully for sample or blue color in the Activate Circle.
When color first appears in Activate Circle push Activator firmly until it is flush with the device body.
Note: Some samples may not flow to the Activate Circle within 60 seconds, and, therefore, the circle may not turn color. In this case, press the Activator after sample has flowed across Result Window.
Keep the device horizontal to ensure accurate results.
6. Read test result at 10 minutes.
NOTE: Positive control may develop sooner, but results are not complete until 10 minutes.

Interpreting the Test Results
To determine test results, read the reaction spots in the Result Window. Any color development in the sample spots indicates the presence of FeLV antigen in the sample. If no color develops in the positive control spot, repeat the test.
Negative Result
Only positive control spot develops color.
Positive Result
Positive control spot and FeLV Ag sample spot develop color.
Reaction with Negative Control
The negative control spot serves as a safeguard against false positives and helps indicate that the assay has been run properly.
Positive Result
If color in the sample spot is darker than negative control spot, result is positive.
Invalid Results
If color in the negative control spot is equal to or darker than sample spot, the test is invalid.
Invalid Results
If the sample is allowed to flow past the Activate Circle, background color may result. Some background color is normal. However, if colored background obscures test result, repeat the test.
No Color Development
If positive control does not develop color, repeat the test.

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