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    • Resultix™ kills ticks on dogs and cats
    • Simply, spray on formula can be used as often as needed.
    • Kills ticks with two easy and convenient sprays
    Resultix™ kills ticks on dogs and cats. Simply spray the convenient formula as often as needed.
    Active ingredients: Isopropyl Myristate
    Use when you see a tick or ticks on your pet. Remove cap and hold bottle upright. Direct nozzle at tick and spray until tick is covered with solution (2 sprays). The tick will be dead within 3 hours. It will fall off or will be immobile when removed. If the tick falls off indoors within 3 hours of application, carefully pick up and dispose of tick using gloves or tweezers. After 3 hours, if the tick has not fallen off, remove carefully with gloves or tweezers and dispose of tick. Dispose of ticks by placing in sealable plastic bag, sealing the bag, and placing it in an outdoor garbage can.

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