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Natura Small Animal Hutch with Enclosure

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Model 62301, 40¾"x38"x20¼"
In Stock
Model 62321, 48¼"x37¾"x29¾"
In Stock
TRIXIE natura® Small Animal Hutch with Enclosure are the perfect place for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals to call home. With a variety of designs, you can give them both indoor comfort and outdoor running space. Made of weatherproof, glazed China Fir with an extra stable metal lattice. Easy to assemble with a removable plastic-coated base for quick cleaning. The hutches with enclosures are two-story and give your pets space to run both indoors and out, with a fitted ramp to go between the two. The roof opens for easy access, with a lockable hatch for storage.
Model 62301: measures 40¾"W x 38"L x 20¼"H
Model 62321: measures 48¼"W x 37¾"L x 29¾"H
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