Power Pet Ultrasonic Collars

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    • Power Pet Ultrasonic Collars operate all High Tech Pet Power Pet electronic pet doors plus Sound Barrier and Yard Barrier sonic fences
    • State of the art design provides a stronger signal and better accuracy over all temperature ranges
    • Has a fully enclosed ultrasonic speaker; MS-4 is water resistant, MS-5 is water proof
    • One size fits all dogs and cats
    • Attractive, tough 27" nylon strap
    These digital ultrasonic collars operate all High Tech Pet Power Pet electronic pet doors and Sound Barrier & Yard Barrier sonic fences. Using all-digital circuitry, this state of the art design provides a stronger signal and maintains better accuracy over all temperature ranges. They include a specially designed B-3V1A battery which lasts about 3 months and prevents damage to the circuitry if the battery is accidentally installed incorrectly. The enclosed transducer (speaker) is much more robust than conventional open air transducers and will stand up to far more abuse from your pet. The High Tech MS-4 ultrasonic transmitter collar is water resistant meaning that rainy weather and humidity will not damage the unit. These collars are NOT designed to be fully immersed in water. Should this occur, simply open the unit, shake out water and let dry. In most cases the unit will function normally. However the life of the battery will likely be reduced or the battery may require replacement. The MS-5 collar is fully waterproof to a 3 foot depth. Small and lightweight, one size fits all dogs and cats. Comes with an attractive and tough 27 inch nylon strap. Shipped directly from manufacturer.
    90-day satisfaction guaranteed
    One-year warranty
    MS-4 & MS-5 Collar instructions:
    To energize the MS-4 Collar, pull out and discard the PULL TAB which is protruding from the side of the collar.

    To energize the MS-5 Collar, open the case, as shown in the Battery Replacement section below, and pull out the PULL TAB. Discard the PULL TAB and close up the case.

    1. Fasten the collar around your pet's neck so that it fits comfortably. In most cases there will be excess strap length.
    2. With a soft pencil or magic marker, mark the amount of strap to be removed leaving at least one inch past the D-ring buckle.
    3. Remove the collar from your pet and cut off the excess strap at the mark.
    4. To avoid fraying carefully heat the cut end with an open flame to melt and fuse the material.
    5. Re-fasten the collar around your pet's neck so that it hangs loosely and comfortably.

    Your High Tech Pet MS-4 or MS-5 transmitter collar will operate for 3 to 5 months on a single, easily replaceable battery.

    Battery Replacement:

    To replace the MS-4 battery
    Insert screwdriver or knife in end slot and pry open. Separate top from bottom. Replace battery top with the metal ring visible. Carefully mate top and bottom while keeping aluminum speaker centered in the top hole. Squeeze together the top and bottom until both ends snap.

    To replace the MS-5 battery
    Unscrew the bottom cover. Pry bottom from top on ends and on edges using small flat blade screwdriver. Remove bottom, note battery orientation. Remove and replace B3V1A battery. With new battery installed, close case. Squeeze until bottom is flush with top. Insert screw and tighten.

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