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Super absorbent diaper is great for incontinent do

Pooch Pad Pooch Pants

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  • Pooch Pad Pooch Pants are absorbent diapers for dogs
  • Protects floors and furniture from accidents
  • Ideal for female dogs in heat, incontinence, and post-surgery
  • Contains an odor inhibitor
  • Guaranteed for 300+ wash cycles
No returns on apparel. Color may vary.
Pooch Pad Pooch Pants are perfect for incontinence, female dogs in heat, excitable urination and post-surgery. These highly absorbent dog diapers prevent leaks and protect your floors and furniture. Pooch Pad Pooch Pants are made with four layers. The top layer draws the moisture away from your dog's skin. The middle layer is extra absorbent and contains odor inhibitors to keep the air smelling fresh, and the bottom layer is built to be durable and leak proof. Pooch Pants are reusable and guaranteed for 300+ cycles. (Refer to washing instructions for details.)
Great for incontinent dogs and dogs in heat. No returns on clothing. Color may vary.
Pooch Pad Pooch Pants
Extra Small: 10" x 13" (waist size); 4-8 lbs (weight)
Small: 13" x 19" (waist size); 8-15 lbs (weight)
Medium: 18" x 25" (waist size); 15-35 lbs (weight)
Large: 20" x 27" (waist size); 35-55 lbs (weight)
Extra Large: 25" x 34" (waist size); 55-90 lbs (weight)

Note: Go up one size for male dogs.
Directions for Use: Slip the hole in the Pooch Pants over your dog's tail. Position Pooch Pants between the dog's back legs with logo facing inwards and snugly against her underbelly. Bring adjustable tabs up from under dog and secure on top portion of the Pooch Pants (dog's back). Change soiled Pooch Pants frequently.

Washing Instructions: Wash in regular cycle with detergent in warm to hot water. Some shrinkage of the pad will occur after washing, this is normal. Excessive use of chlorine bleach or fabric softeners can cause damage to the fibers and reduce the absorbency of the Pooch Pants. To dry Pooch Pants, use permanent press or medium heat dryer setting. Pooch Pants may also be hung to dry.
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