Pooch Pad Male Wrap

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    • Pooch Pad Male Wraps are absorbent diapers for male dogs
    • Protects floors and furniture from accidents
    • Four layer construction
    • Contains an odor inhibitor
    • Guaranteed for 300+ wash cycles
    Pooch Pad Male Wraps work great for incontinence, excitable urination, territorial marking and post-surgery. These dog diapers are fully absorbent to prevent leaks and protect your floors and furniture. Pooch Pad Male Wraps are made with four layers. The top layer draws the moisture away from your dog's skin. The middle layer is extra absorbent and contains odor inhibitors to keep the air smelling fresh, and the bottom layer is built to be durable and leak proof. Pooch Pad Male Wraps are reusable and guaranteed for 300+ cycles. (Refer to washing instructions for details.)
    They are designed to fit most dogs. No returns on clothing.
    Pooch Pad Male Wrap
    Small: 12" x 15" (waist size); 8-15 lbs (weight)
    Medium: 15" x 22" (waist size); 15-35 lbs (weight)
    Large: 22" x 28" (waist size); 35-55 lbs (weight)
    Directions for Use: Position Pooch Pad Male Wrap with padding facing inwards against dog's underbelly. Bring adjustable tabs up from under dog and secure on top portion of the Pooch Pad Male Wrap (dog's back). Change soiled Pooch Pad Male Wraps frequently.

    Washing Instructions: Wash in regular cycle with detergent in warm to hot water. Some shrinkage of the pad will occur after washing, this is normal. Excessive use of chlorine bleach or fabric softeners can cause damage to the fibers and reduce the absorbency of the Pooch Pad Male Wrap. To dry Pooch Pad Male Wrap, use permanent press or medium heat dryer setting. The Pooch Pad Male Wrap may also be hung to dry.
    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:

    Male Wrap

    These male wraps are great!! They are absorbent and actually stay in place. We've had girls in season and I have 2 intact males who thought they needed to mark everything in the house. Since the boys sleep on the bed they wear the wrap all night long. It must be comfortable because it doesn't bother them and they have protected my home!!

    These are great wraps and work well.

    I adopted a beautiful 9 year old male pom. He has lit up our lives! I am using these male wraps as he roams the house, since he was not house trained. He is comfortable with them and they work very well. You can wash them multiple times and they do not leak. I highly recommend them to anyone. They are of very good quality and construction. Adjustable sizing to fit your pup comfortably.

    Charlotte, NC

    Not so great for us

    These are a great idea for a dog that might leak a little. With that being said, my experience with my boxer, they aren't so great. They ARE NOT for dogs who are completely incontinent. He gets soaked when he has them on. Now, my boxer does have some special medical conditions and he does urinate a lot and can't get outside on his own. But I've also found the elastic rubs raw places on his stomach. Because of this, I don't use them during the day and use reusable pee pads for children I've purchased at Walmart or disposable dog pee pads to lay under him during the day.



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