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Pish Pad

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  • Pish Pads™ are an economical way to keep moisture from pooling and protect surfaces from moisture and staining
  • Features three layers that absorb moisture and hold it in
  • Can be cut to any size you need
  • Won't fray, stain or retain odor
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
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Pish Pads™ are an economical way to keep moisture from pooling and protect surfaces from moisture and staining. The quality bonded construction features three layers. The top layer is a quick-absorbing, non-staining material. Once the surface is wet, the liquid is contained in one area and quickly disappears as it gets pulled into the second layer, keeping your dog dry. The middle layer is called the "soaker" because it collects the liquid and holds it in. The bottom layer is made of plastic urethane, which protects the surface underneath from getting wet or stained. Using a regular scissors, Pish Pads can be cut to any size you need. They won't fray, stain or retain odor, and they adhere to almost any flat surface without leaving residue. Pish Pads are ideal for crates, exercise pens, training trays, travel kennels, vet offices, pet hotels and grooming shops. Machine washable and dryer safe. Made in USA.
Can be used on tile, wood, linoleum, cement, carpet and virtually any surface without slipping or staining.
Cutting instructions:
Use a regular scissors to cut to desired length.

Washing instructions:
  • We recommend washing Pish Pad at least once before initial use.
  • Wash on a normal cycle in cold or warm water only.
  • Note: Using hot water may cause shrinkage.
  • Use a liquid or powder detergent of your choice.
  • You can use bleach products, but as with any material, using bleach will break down the product quicker.
  • We do not recommend using fabric softeners.
Pish Pad should be washed by itself in the washer. Adding other objects like towels or dog beds will cause an uneven wash cycle. Pish Pad can become damaged in the washing machine when laundered with other items.

Drying instructions:
Pish Pad can be hung to dry or tossed in the dryer and dried on a Low/Delicate setting. We recommend that you dry the Pish Pad by itself as it will dry rather quickly when using that method. It has been noted that the life of the Pish Pad has been extended when it is hung out to dry as opposed to drying in a regular home dryer.
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