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Pish Pad

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Pish Pads are an economical way to keep your pet dry and protect any surface from moisture and staining. The quality three layer bonded construction features a non-staining, fast absorbing top layer, a middle "soaker" layer that collects and holds the liquid and a bottom layer made of plastic urethane that provides a water-proof barrier to protect floor surfaces. Pish Pads can be cut to any size you need using a regular scissor. They won't fray, stain or retain odor and they adhere to almost any flat surface without leaving residue. Pish Pads are ideal for crates, exercise pens, training trays, travel kennels, vet offices, pet hotels and grooming shops. Machine washable and dryer safe. Made in USA.
Use a regular scissor to cut to desired length. Machine washable. Dry on low setting. For longer lasting results, air dry.
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