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Revival Animal Health's Pill Splitter/Crusher Combo

Revival Animal Health Pill Splitter & Pill Crusher Combo

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  • Pill Splitter/Crusher Combo tool makes giving pills to pets easy
  • Splits pills for accurate dosing
  • Crushes pills into a powder prior to administration
  • Use the center section to store pills or use as a drinking cup
  • Ideal for pet owners and animal care facilities
The Pill Splitter/Crusher Combo makes giving pills to pets easy. This unique medication tool splits pills to achieve accurate dosage and you can also use it to crush pills into a powder prior to administration. Use the center section to store pills or as a drinking cup. Ideal for pet owners and animal care facilities.
Materials: Hard Plastic with cutting edge
Measures: 1.5"Diameter x 3"H

Keep out of reach of children.
For use with pills that may be split or crushed.
Note: Some medications, due to their composition, should not be split or crushed. Please check with your veterinarian before using the Pill Splitter/Crusher Combo.

Pill Splitter Directions for Use: Open the lid on Pill Splitter and place pill in diamond ring. Place the pill so it evenly touches both sides of the diamond ring. Lower top and press closed. Open the top of Pill Splitter to remove cut pill sections. Store unused portions in storage base and label.

Pill Crusher Directions for Use: Grasp the Pill Crusher bottom in one hand and turn the top section counter clockwise with the other hand until the two sections are separated. Place pills to be crushed in the bottom unit. Replace the top portion and turn clockwise until top and bottom units are flush. Turn back and forth several times to grind pill to powder. Separate the two units and tap the crushed powder into any liquid or soft solid.
To use the top of the unit as a drinking vessel, flip the lid off with your thumb. Add powdered tablets with liquid and shake. Remove lid to drink liquid mixture.

Cleaning instructions: Hand wash unit in mild soap and water. Let dry thoroughly.
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