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  • PetDek® prevents your pet from falling into the footwell of your car
  • Converts your back seat into a practical carrying area
  • Conveniently holds large items without damaging your back seat
  • Installation or removal takes 1 minute
  • Includes DryMate Carpet that is fitted for the top surface
Shipped directly from manufacturer to accelerate delivery.
PetDek® keeps your pet from falling into the footwell of your car's backseat. Weighs just 12 lbs and installs in 1 minute. It doesn't block A/C vents and does not cause any movement to the front seats. Fit the included DryMate Carpet over the top and now your pet has a comfortable, more secure place to travel. Levels out all bumps and valleys because traveling pets prefer a soft, flush surface. Creates approximately 8 sq ft of flat, weight-supporting surface. It even folds lengthwise into a self-contained case. The uses don't stop with a place for your pet to travel. Use the PetDek for many other uses including: luggage, picnic coolers, golf clubs, grocery items and other overflow items from the trunk. Measures: 48"L" x 23"W x 2"H unfolded and 24"L x 23"W x 2"H folded. Holds up to 200 lbs. Use a safety harness for further protection. Made in the USA.
Measurements While Open: 23" x 48" x 2"
Measurements While Folded: 23" x 24" x 4"
Weight: 12 lbs
Support: Up to 200 lbs
Compatibility: Nearly every 4-door vehicle, from sedans to trucks.
Materials: Body is made of durable, waterproof, washable and stain-resistant plastic. Carpet absorbent, stain-resistant, machine washable with latex grip backing. 100% made in the USA with recycled materials.
Color: Fawn with charcoal grey carpet
Built-In: Extendable legs fold into chassis. Molded-in seat leveling blocks.
Leg Height: From 12 to 19"
How to Use:
  1. Unfold the PetDek but keep the legs in their folded position.
  2. Slide the PetDek across the seat on its rear edge (folded legs up facing windshield).
  3. Now lay it flat.
  4. Unfold each leg until just slightly angled outward toward the door bottom** (Don't force). Twist the bottom of the leg to unlock it and slide down and touch the floor, then retwist to tighten its lock. No need to over tighten. The main PetDek should be sitting on the seat during this procedure not raised. You are ready to go.
  5. To put it away you should just be able to fold the legs back up without unlocking them for most seat heights
  6. Fold the PetDek until it snaps shut and you once again are ready to go.
  1. Use a mild soapy solution to clean, just be careful not to soak the anti slip strips.
  2. Do not wax or polish as this will make the top surface slippery

**Note: the legs should never be vertical. Bring the front seats back as far as possible and move the back seat forward if necessary to eliminate gap. If a gap still exists, use a pillow to fill the gap. Tuck the custom carpet in an "S" configuration so the black latex backing is against the bottom of the PetDek® and the seat.
Are the CarDek and PetDek the same product? - Yes
Is assembly required? - No, it comes fully assembled.
Does the PetDek keep my pet more comfortable? - Yes, the surface is rigid but not hard and being plastic it helps to keep them cool. The large support area, which covers the foot well area, gives dogs the feeling of more security in a moving vehicle and protects them from falling into the foot well on a fast stop.
What colors are available? - One, neutral beige was chosen as that matches most cars.
What materials is it made out of? - It's polypropylene plastic similar to a picnic cooler lid.
Will the PetDek damage my seat? - No, there are no metal components or screws used in its construction except for the tubular legs that don't touch the seat.

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