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    • The PetSkope® lets you monitor your pet's ear health
    • Magnifies up to 8x
    • Uses high intensity lighting and high resolution optics
    • Easily detect ear mites, ticks, fleas and other infections
    • Includes two viewing cones
    The lightweight, portable PetSkope® is designed for concerned pet owners to help determine if a trip to the veterinarian's office is necessary. With high intensity lighting, high resolution optics and 8x magnification, you can examine your pet's ears to easily detect ear mites, ticks, fleas and other infections. Durable ABS black plastic won't break when dropped. Includes two viewing cones to accommodate different ear sizes and two AAA batteries. One year warranty against manufactured defects. For use on dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and all other eared animals.
    Measures: 5½"L
    Materials: ABS Black Plastic
    2 (two) Cones (one 1½" cone and one 2" cone)
    8x magnification
    High Intensity Lighting
    2 (two) AAA Batteries
    One Year Warranty against manufactured defects.
    Directions for Use: We recommend you consult your veterinarian prior to the initial use of the PetSkope®. Your veterinarian will demonstrate the proper use procedures, as well as explain what to look for.

    1.) Select the desired viewing cone and attach to the PetSkope®.
    2.) Stabilize the pet's head. (It may help to have another person assist.)
    3.) Pull the ear gently but firmly upward and outward to straighten the ear canal.
    4.) Slide the plastic sleeve toward the head of the PetSkope® and depress the pen clip.
    5.) When the pen clip is depressed, slowly start the PetSkope® toward the ear canal entrance while looking for parasites and irritations.
    6.) Continue examination of the ear canal, stop at any sign of pain. Use great care not to insert the cone too deep. Never force the cone into the ear canal.
    7.) After examination, wipe viewing cones with alcohol, and slide the plastic sleeve back underneath pen clip to prevent excess drain on the batteries during storage.
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    Doesn't last long

    I purchased this a while back, but just started to use it. Only use it about 10 times and now it doesn't work. When it worked, it was fantastic. I've checked the batteries and may just need to get a new light bulb, but where do you get one of those????

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