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Nilodor Nilotron Designer Aerosols

Designer Aerosols

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Starter Kit
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Refill, Citrus
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  • Nilotron™ Air Freshener Dispenser keeps rooms smelling fresh
  • Choose from 7.5-15-30 minute settings and 24-hour or daytime operation
  • Ideal for pet shops, kennels, vet clinics, homes and grooming shops
  • Nilotron Refills offer a variety of fragrance choices
  • Kit includes 1 dispenser, 1 can Red Clover Tea, and 1 can of Fruit Basket
Note: This product cannot be shipped via postal service or air. This product cannot be shipped outside the 48 contiguous states.
Nilotron™ Air Freshener Designer Series Dispenser keeps rooms smelling fresh. Choose from three spray intervals; 7.5 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes and two operation mode selections; 24 hours or daytime mode. Features low battery and empty can indicator lights for "no-guess" operation. The 60-day Starter Kit includes one Designer Series Dispenser, one can Red Clover Tea, one can of Fruit Basket and two "D" Alkaline batteries. Additional Refills may be purchased separately with a wide variety of fragrances from which to choose. Each Refill contains over 3,000 metered sprays. Nilotron™ Air Freshener Dispensers are ideal for pet stores, kennels, vet clinics, homes, grooming shops or any room you desire a pleasant scent. The Designer Series Dispenser includes a one year limited warranty.
Nilotron™ Designer Series Dispenser Includes
1 (one) Designer Series Dispenser with gray insert
One Year Limited Warranty

Nilotron™ 60-Day Aerosol Starter Kit Includes
1 (one) Designer Series Dispenser with gray insert
1 (one) 7 oz Red Clover Tea Aerosol Can
1 (one) 7 oz Fruit Basket Aerosol Can
2 (two) "D" Alkaline Batteries
One Year Limited Warranty on Dispenser

Additional Nilotron™ 7 oz Aerosol Refills can be purchased separately.
Note: This product cannot be shipped via postal service or air. This product cannot be shipped outside the 48 contiguous states.

Store at room temperature. Exposure to temperatures above 120° may cause bursting.

Keep out of the reach of children.
Directions for Use: For best operation, mount the unit 7-9 feet above the floor.
Mounting Instructions: Place the dispenser in the location to be mounted, make a mark on the wall surface through the two mounting holes. Drill the holes at the marks and insert the anchors. Place the unit on the wall and affix the screws. Ensure the dispenser is mounted securely on the wall.
Operating Instructions: Insert two "D" Alkaline batteries in the battery compartment. Use alkaline batteries ONLY. Select the Spray Interval switch to the preferred setting: 7.5, 15, or 30 minutes. Select the Operation Mode switch to preferred setting: 24 hour operation or Day Mode.
  • When 24H is selected, unit operates at the selected spray interval for 24 hours.
  • When Day is selected, unit operates at the selected spray interval in lighted conditions only.

Before inserting the can, push the hammer to the "UP" position. Insert the aerosol refill can in between the metal bracket in the dispenser. Make sure the actuator points towards the front of the dispenser. Using the On/Off switch, turn the unit on. The Green LED will light up for two seconds. Test spray by pressing Test Switch. Always ensure that the dispenser is turned away from your face when testing the spray.
When refill can is low, Green LED will start flashing.
  • Switch the dispenser OFF and insert a new refill can.
  • Turn the unit ON after 60 seconds. This will reset the spray counter.

When batteries are weak, Red LED will start flashing.
  • Replace with two new "D" alkaline batteries.
  • Batteries will last one year under 24-hour operation at 15 minutes spray interval.
  • If the battery changing process is completed within 60 seconds, the Dispenser will hold spray count memory. Otherwise the spray count will have to be reset.

Note: If the Flashing LED light turns orange, both the battery and the aerosol can needs replacement.

Precautions: Place the dispenser away from food preparation areas. Avoid spraying onto plastic, varnished or printed surfaces. Always replace with new alkaline batteries and never leave dead batteries in the unit. Do not use near heat or open flame.
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