Never Say Never at Christmas!

When you are first out of Vet school you have the drive, ambition and enthusiasm to save the world! If I could diagnose it I thought I should fix it! By the grace of God I was almost always successful at it and that amazes me yet.

My second year out of Vet School in a Christmas snow storm I did an emergency C-Section for a client who I thought much of. They did a good job with their girls and tried hard to teach me what worked and what did not. In the middle of the C-section the uterus was not good. It was fragile in my hand wanting to fall apart when touched. All but one of the puppies were dead and I informed Jimmy this female would never again carry a litter so do not keep her. Thus started the story that humbled me to never say never again!

Six months later that female whelped 6 puppies and did fine, even though it looked like she would never would give birth again. We repeated the yearly update for what seemed like my whole career, though it was only a few years. Jimmy would come and in a loud voice and announce, "Dr. B, she did it again! The mom you said would never give birth gave birth again!"

It became a game of Jimmy announcing and me saying it is a miracle and you are lucky to have her. Thus it went -- 6 months later and in came Jimmy and again announced, "Dr. B’s barren female gave birth once more." I would add it’s a miracle. I thought this Shih Tzu female would never retire just to keep reminding me to never say never again!

A few years later I had a young veterinarian whose wife was having trouble carrying a baby. The specialist told them to give up as his wife’s uterus would never carry a baby to term. I really loved this young couple and knew how upset they were with the prognosis. Weeks later his wife was sharing the distress and said she was trying to accept the prognosis but struggling. I listened contently trying to console her when suddenly I heard a voice up front announce, "It’s a miracle again -- Where is Dr. B?" This could not be a coincidence, so I took hold of Jenny’s hand and said, "You need to hear this!"

Jimmy, I said, "This is a very good friend of mine. Would you come to my office and tell her about the female we did surgery on that I said would never carry a litter?" Jimmy’s face lit up!

For 45 minutes Jimmy told her the miracle of how in the middle of a Christmas night snow storm we did a C-Section and the uterus was falling apart in doc’s hand. The whole thing looked bad and Dr. B said this mom would never carry a litter again! We took her home not knowing the outcome, bottle raised her baby but let her care for it. She was a good mom and we were surprised she survived, let alone thrived! We prayed for her and named her Miracle as it was a Miracle she lived! We kept her because she was such an attentive mom in spite of the surgery, pain and bad prognosis Dr. B gave us. We thanked God for her recovery and gave her a chance. She just gave birth to her 25th puppy this morning and we are retiring her, but she will live with us for as long as she is on this earth. She is our Christmas Miracle and we call her Miracle! She is a grandma now and we have two of her daughters with puppies now. She has brought a smile to us every day; though I am sure Dr. B will be glad when I quit announcing her births and how he was wrong. Just proves some issues need a few more prayers than others and God will do the rest!

I had no idea why that female made it or how with a damaged uterus she could carry babies to term. To this day I am humbled and know that all things work for something good, even when you’re not able to see it! Three years had passed since that Christmas C-section when a young woman would need Miracle's story to give hope where she thought there was none. Those friends now have four children and last year their first grandson. I have no doubt that Miracle's story gave her strength to never give up again!

Merry Christmas and may God give you a “Miracle” to hold on to this Christmas season!

- Dr. B

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