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MonoJect 10cc Oral Syringe

MonoJect 10cc Oral Syringe

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  • Monoject 10 cc Oral Syringe makes dispensing liquids easy
  • Dual graduation markings in milliliters and teaspoons
  • Can add a nipple for feeding formulas
  • Includes ribbed tip cap to secure liquid inside syringe
  • Latex-free
Label may be different than shown.
The Monoject 10 cc Oral Syringe lets you dispense liquid formulas, medications and wormers easily and accurately. Made of polypropylene with dual graduation markings in milliliters and teaspoons. The ribbed tip cap secures the liquid in the syringe until ready to use. Non-sterile. Latex-free. Tip will not accept hypodermic needle. Label may be different than shown.
1 (one) 10 cc Polypropylene Oral Syringe with plunger Graduation accuracy is plus or minus 5%.
1 (one) tip cap
Directions for Use: With the plunger fully depressed, put in desired liquid and pull plunger toward you until syringe is filled with the desired amount of liquid. Seal with cap to prevent leakage. Gently depress plunger to feed.
Washing Instructions: Remove plunger from syringe and wash in hot soapy water. Rinse well with hot water and dry thoroughly before reuse.
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