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Misting Fan Ring

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  • Turn any outdoor-rated fan into a misting fan
  • Complete kit has everything you need
  • Engineered to last with a 10" diameter steel fan ring & brass and stainless steel nozzles
  • One-year factory warranty
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MistyMate Misting Fan Ring is easy to install and turns any outdoor-rated fan into a misting fan. Engineered to last, this complete kit has everything you need. Includes: 10" diameter steel fan ring, brass and stainless steel nozzles, mounting clips, hose clamps and an integrated on/off valve spigot connector. One-year factory warranty.
For use with standard household water pressure (60-80 psi)
Directions for Use: Step 1: Connect the on/off valve to an outdoor spigot or garden hose. Turn on water to flush system prior to attaching to fan. Step 2: Use mounting clips to attach ring to the front grill of your outdoor-rated fan while the fan is off. Use the hose clamps to secure the supply line to the pole of the fan. Step 3: Screw in brass and stainless steel nozzles to misting ring nozzle fittings and turn on water.
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